Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The buzz is that beauty is only skin deep. When you couple that with aging skin generally starts taking a nose dive on your face quite literally. Since I hardly ever wear makeup; people generally believe that I am 15 years younger than I am. Regardless of that, I decided to try out Revitol, Collagen and Instalift to see if indeed it was as great as the great wizard of Oz says that it is. Let me tell you what my experience was like.

I ordered my trial through Each product trial had different prices of $3.95, $4.95 and $5.95. When my order arrived one of the bottles was broken so I called them to discuss a replacement. On the phone they told me that they would send me a replacement just as soon as I sent them the bottle back. I told them never mind because I was just trying it out in the first place and I refused to spend anymore money on the product before I even had the chance to test if it truly works.

It took a few days before the supposed Revitol arrived but what I really got in the package was something called Revita Derm. When I called to question why I didn't get what I ordered they told me that is was essentially the same thing (bait and switch 101). At that time I spoke with a customer service representative and indicated that I was cancelling my trial membership. I wrote down the name and the date of the person that I spoke to and they gave me a cancellation number. So you would think that I was in the clear literally speaking right?

Nope. The so-called wonder cream trio caused my face to break out and two weeks later Health Club processed $87.95 and $98.95 payments from my bank account. So now my face is bumpier than an Ohio road in winter time, my account is missing nearly $200 and the bank is telling me that I have to go back to Health Club to get my money back because they do not have dispute rights due to terms of agreement. WHAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT!

In the terms and Health Club say that if you do not cancel your "trial membership" within the 14 day trial that they will charge your account for the full price of the bogus anti aging products that they sell. So if you have been following along you heard that I DID CANCEL, REMEMBER? They claim that it's not in their system. Even though I was able to give them the date, name of person that I talked to and cancellation number.

Their ploy is to keep as much money as they can so they will offer you $45 for each item instead of the full price. After that they will try to offer you $60 per item so that they can at least keep some of the money. When I told them that I want a full refund since they were not authorized to debit my account for any additional money anyways, they told me that I have to send all the products back before they will issue me a refund for the full amount. Strangely they issued me a refund immediately for the $87.95 because it disappeared from my account transactions list overnight so now I am only out of $98.95, right? No.

According to Chase Bank, I still have to send back the products in order for them to dispute the transaction and refund my money after they receive the tracking numbers from the package.

So what this may mean for you if you order Revitol based on Dr. Oz's account will likely be hit with nearly $100 in charges per item if you don't cancel your trial within the 14 day window and even if you do cancel your trial within the 14 day window like I did......they will take money out of your account anyway.

You'd do better getting some hyaluronic acid and collagen and mixing it yourself if you want a better effect without all the chemicals, the pricy up charge and fraudulent account activity to your debit or credit card account. Otherwise, if you are not handy with doing that kind of think you can just order some 97% all natural anti-aging serum that is budget friendly without all the hassle through

I guarantee that they won't send you broken bottles, send you a product different than the one you ordered, enroll you in their automatic up charge program, offer you half of your money back, or make you pay additional money to return their product before they refund your money. They don't have Demi Moore or other supermodels claiming to use their products but what you see is exactly what you get with business integrity. However, if you are into the hype that's all over the internet concerning them and they chemically rich products............then get your revitol experience on. My bet is that you will get burned like my face and bank account did from their products and this whole rotten and nasty and Health Club business altogether.

*Disclaimer: This is an honest review as I was a paying customer who took Dr. Oz's recomendation seriously. I do not work for any of the companies that was mentioned. The products at are by and large all natural. Some items have a preservative in them so that they have a much better shelf life for customers. Otherwise, the 100% all natural product would last a shorter time frame then you would probably appreciate.
In a few weeks time I will be loading a video about this to youtube for those of you who want to see the bogus revitol product up front, close and personal.